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lyrics:  paula mcmath

music: paula mcmath/Ian Hattwick

the night is blacker

the water deeper

and there's no where

for me to sleep here

I may look free

but what you don't see

is every moment

I am driven by a hunger

it's getting harder

instead of easier

this is the big bang

not just a teaser

there's no return

no where to run

if I could make one

could I ever love a stranger


is goin' down

not goin' later

it's goin' now

it's goin' fast

and I can't stop it

I had the keys

right here in my pocket

but they've fallen

down the shaft

and they'll be there

ever after


is goin' down


is goin' down            

can't see the future

can't make it better

you want release from

the threat of never

can't make the need less

won't go away

for all our days

we will not escape forever


I hope the songs speak for themselves.

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